Dallas Winter League Registration is Open!

Welcome Back, Dallas Winter League!

And by back, we mean back to the one league you’ll tell your future grandkids you were a part of….The 25th Anniversary of Dallas Winter League! This year we’ll be at the Las Colinas Polo Fields, relatively geographically central to DFW, and by extension, Regina, Saskatchewan and El Salvador.

Executive Summary:

What: Dallas Winter League 2014

Where: Las Colinas Polo Club! Just southwest of 635/Luna

When: Saturdays from Dec 14 – March 1 (Breaks for Christmas, New Years and Big D in Little D)

Who: You and 526 of your closest friends

Registration: www.dallasultimate.org – November 1 through November 22

To jump to any specific topic, reference this list below…

  • Get me registered
  • Where and when are we playing?
  • What’s new with Winter League? IMPORTANT!!
  • Call for Volunteers
  • Sponsors
  • Who the @#$@ is the Dallas Ultimate Association?
  • Poobah’s Playhouse


Get me registered

We’re using the same registration site as years past, so go to dallasultimate.org, fill out the registration form and BOOM! you’re signed up. You’ll be receiving a site reminder for your login shortly. See the FAQ for full registration instructions. Pricing has adjusted slightly from last year: $75 for returning players/$65 for new players. Registration is open 11/1 – 11/22. There is no late registration!! The theme for Winter League 2013 recognizes the 25th year of Dallas Winter League!

PAIRING POLICY: Recreational players are allowed a 1:1 pairing for Winter League. If Rick pairs with Dave, Dave can’t pair Tim. Period. Use the Pairings page to designate your general pairing (Note: This includes pairings for parents who need to care for small children). Rookie league players should note if they would like to be on the team with the player that recruited them in the COMMENTS portion of the registration. We’ll try to accommodate as best as we can. THE ONLY GUARANTEED PAIRINGS ARE THE ONES THAT ARE REGISTERED THROUGH THE SITE. Competitive pairings are limited to those needed to accommodate for caring for small children.

Hey Poobahs! I want to make sure I get on a team I like: Use the COMMENTS section on the registration site. If you have little kids that you don’t want around adult beverage as much, tell us! If you act like a little kid after some of the sauce, tell us! Want a party team? More competitive? Willing to dress in, um, dresses for no reason? Tell us! If you are a decent singer…tell us.


What’s new with Dallas Winter League?

PLEASE NOTE! As the league continues to expand, the Poobahs and the DUA board are actively finding ways to create the best environment for each player to enjoy ultimate, independent of their age.  This means that past practices and general acceptances in Winter League are subject to formalization/adjustment/removal. Changes to this year’s league are noted below…


Youth Player Policy:

* Players have to be 16 or older to play in DWL, anyone under 18 must have a signed parental waiver to play in DWL.

* The DUA will sponsor a 6-Saturday High School League, games beginning at 10:00am-11:30am, held at the Los Colinas Polo Fields.  A draft will be held and this league will have non-High School based teams.  Play will begin in January, final schedule TBD.  Cost will be $20. per player and includes a disc and a shirt.  This league is open only to Youth in High School, no Middle Schoolers or younger allowed. JJ Jordan will be the Poobah for this league and will recruit adult coaches for each team in this league.

* Exception policy: Should a player younger than 16 years old desire to play in DWL they can apply for an exception to the President of the DUA Board.  It will require meeting with the player and at least one parent.  The Board President will carry the final say whether the player can compete in DWL based on this interview.  The Board President will make himself available to High School practices and also post up at advertised times at a public place as required to facilitate such interviews.  We discourage anyone younger than 15 applying to play in DWL and encourage all High School players to play in the High School Saturday Morning League.


League Fees:

Winter League has always strived to give you the biggest bang for your buck. But in order to keep you in the quality of food, jersey and experience from the past, we’re raising league fees $5. ($75 for returning players. New players will remain at $65.) That’s 20+ games, dinner, end-of-season party, disc and jersey and no worry have having to unpeel frozen ham slices to make a sandwich.

Registration is now open. Go to dallasultimate.org and take care of this now. Why?…Due to field space and roster size limitations, we’ll potentially have to limit the number of men that can register for the leagues (By division). We will be setting the limit based on the early registration, so do it now and don’t risk not having a spot this Winter League.

But Poobahs, why not limit the women? Because even though we are a co-ed league, we’ve NEVER had a full complement of women in the league. Bottom line is more women = greater ability to balance MEN and WOMEN on the rosters. To play as a true co-ed league, we always need more female players. We’ll work our hardest to get new women enjoying the game, but we need you to bring along coworkers, friends, etc. and give them a chance to experience the fun.



Not so new actually. We’ll be getting awesome sweat wickin’, pop absorbin’ jerseys again.


Beginner clinics: 

Got no throws? No idea where to go? We can help. Veteran players are volunteering their Saturday mornings to help get beginners more familiar with the strategies, skills and knowledge that go along with being an ultimate player. Be on the lookout for additional information about specific times and places to meet up to get moving toward having mad disc skills.


Your Poobahs:

Your poobahs are Melissa Battis (Competitive), Glenn Burr (Recreational) and Alex Lepe (Poobah-at-Large) Yes, Alex is your PAL.


New contact information:

Got a question? Want to volunteer? Concern? Comment? Etc? Send it to dwl@dallasultimate.org. We have multiple people on that address to help you get answers as fast as possible


Call for Volunteers

While the Dallas Ultimate Association (DUA) handles a majority of the administrative side of Winter League, it’s the additional volunteers who make this the best league experience in North Texas. We need your hands to help us manage set-up, food, registration, field painting, trash, etc. Send us a note at dwl@dallasultimate.org and tell us how you’d be willing to help and receive our biggest gratitude!



Winter League is filled with more than 500 home buyers, consumers, investors, families, “athletes”, professionals and more that your company should be involved with and know more about. As a tight knit and passionate group, ultimate players are known for sharing their consumer experiences with friends and family. If you’d like to be a sponsor for Winter League or know someone who you think would benefit from coming aboard, email us at dwl@dallasultimate.org and we’ll connect them to our sponsorship director.


Who the @#$@ is the Dallas Ultimate Association?

You’ve heard us mention the Dallas Ultimate Association quite a bit. The DUA is a not-for-profit association led by a group of folks who are passionate about bringing the health, sportsmanship and other benefits of the game of ultimate to the Metroplex. The DUA actively supports Winter League, Texas2Finger Ultimate Tournament, Irving and Allen Leagues, Youth and Collegiate ultimate in North Texas. Some of the names and faces you’ll see often around Winter League include: Melissa Battis, JJ Jordan, Glenn Burr, Michael Frederick, Kristen Corpuz, Casey Hogg and Alex Lepe. If you meet them, ask about the DUA and what it’s been doing lately.


Return of the Poobah’s Playhouse

Just a place for miscellaneous and random items that we didn’t think needed their own section…

Did you know…That the Poobahs combined have almost 25 years of Winter League experience?


Winter League is Here,

Melissa Battis – WL 2013 Co-Poobah

Alex Lepe – WL 2013 Co-Poobah

Glenn Burr – WL 2013 Co-Poobah

I'm almost 2 hondo now. My mom's proud.
  1. zakwhite1
    Registration is open from 11/2 till 11/22... WYF? It's 11/9 and I can't register. Help me please. Zakwhite1@gmail.com
    • Melissa
      As you may have noticed, we had to temporarily close registration as we dealt with figuring out the best way to expand the league due to the interest of players. Registration is now open but please be aware that the league is filling up fast and there may not be spots by 11/22!

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